Каскол (логотип)
Current Investment Portfolio:


History in brief

Stage I (1988 — 1993) Establishment of the company, the main activities or which being providing consulting services and development of corporate strategy for industrial enterprises.

Stage II (1994 — 1997) Implementation of independent projects: Kaskol acts as strategic investor and operational manager. Company’s interests are aviation and shipbuilding.

Stage III (1998 — 2005) Consolidation of selected strategic aerospace assets ( Nizhegorodskiy aircraft construction plant Sokol JSC, Hydromash JSC, Volga-Dnepr Group of companies), participation in the management of the entities. Exit from non-core activities. International partnership.

Stage IV ( 2005 — present time) The company focuses on aerospace, civil aviation, engineering and industrial programs in energy sector, infrastructural projects.