Каскол (логотип)
Current Investment Portfolio:


Sergey Nedoroslev, Chairman

Sergey Nedoroslev was born in 1963 in Barnaul, Altai region. In 1985 he graduated from Altai State University with degrees in radio physics and electronics. He then pursued post-graduate studies at the Moscow Institute of Electronics, where he focused his research on semi-conductor production and semi-conductor based devices. In 1988 he co-founded the first private company in Altai region, specializing on software development. He then expanded his interests into aerospace industry and established Kaskol Group, which became one of the largest industrial holding groups.

Sergey Nedoroslev is a member of board of a number of companies

He is the Chairman of the Board of Kaskol Group of Companies.

Sergey Nedoroslev is a member of the Trustee Council of the Moscow School of Political Studies and a council member of the non-profit partnership association Club 2015, an informal association of Russian professional managers and entrepreneurs.