Каскол (логотип)
Current Investment Portfolio:



Establishment of the Company.
Team building.
Implementation of initial projects.


Acquisition of a share holding of Irkutsk aircraft construction industrial unit. Acquisition of shares of Nizhniy-Novgorod plant Hydromash JSC.

Purchase of shares of  Nizhniy-Novgorod plant Gorkovskiy engineering plant, later incorporated in  Almaz-Antei Holding.

Acquisition of a share holding of Baltyiskiy Plant Acquisition of a share holding of Design Office of nuclear-powered surface shipbuilding Iceberg, later incorporated in Baltyiskiy Plant.

Acquisition of a share holding of Design Office of nuclear-powered submarines Lazurit, later incorporated in Nizhniy-Novgorod plant Krasnoye Sormovo. Organization of financing and management of the project aimed at building vessels — carriers of chemical products at  Baltiyskiy Plant, subsequent delivery of the carrier-vessel to German steam navigation Arenkil.

Organization of financing and management of the project aimed at building Ro-Ro vessels at  Baltiyskiy Plant, subsequent delivery of 2 vessels to Novorossiysk sea steam navigation.

Acquisition of a share holding of Rybinsk shipbuilding plant Slip named after Y. V. Andropov.

Organization of financing and management of the project aimed at building of Apis bulkers at Rybinsk shipbuilding plant Slip.

Acquisition of a share holding of Rostov-na-Donu Helicopter plant.
Acquisition of a share holding of Ulan-Ude Aviation plant.
Development of a strategy aimed at creation of a helicopter holding.
Adoption of the program of development of the plant. Subsequent launching of attack YaK-130 and civil M-101.


On 28th Dec 1999 the President of Kaskol group of Companies Sergei Nedoroslev and General Constructor of Design office named after V. M. Myasishev Valeriy Novikov signed a strategic partnership general agreement aimed conversion production and promotion to the market of new civil airplanes.


Open auction purchase of assets of Dukatsky mining enterprise, a major producer of silver in Russia; later incorporated in  Polimetal Group. Acquisition of a share holding of a major Russian freight airline company Volga-Dnepr.


Signing of a partnership agreement between Rosavaikosmos and Kaskol Group of Companies.


Signing of an agreement on creation of the first International Consortium on light aviation between Kaskol Group of Companies, Mooney Airplane Company (USA) and BAE Systems; (Great Britain). The kea objective of the enterprises of the Consortium is participation in M-101T serial production and promotion to the global market.


Creation of  Avia Management Group (AMG) (together with Industrial Investors) aimed at implementation of a national avia taxi system under Dexter brand name.


Establishment of a managing company Kaskol — Management Company. Acquisition of Zarubezhenergoproekt shares. Acquisition of NPO Energomash shares.